Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry Haven't posted in awhile. (I should probably make this my homepage so I remember). Anyways I have been doing work though. The above render is the top portion of my steam walker. I've done away with the original idea of making it a heavily armored thing and decided to open it up some. Working on the large "people catcher" grill now. After that I should be around 9,000 tris so that still gives me about 5-6,000 to spend on the legs. Deciding whether if I want the legs to be in positions like the mock ups or to have the back legs higher up like a grasshopper and the fronts to be splayed out more. I imagine this would allow the walker to kinda of shuttle around faster and utilize its grill and gatling gun more appropriately. I'll have some quick concept sketches up tomorrow of the legs to see which would feel the best. Till then its back to work got a milestone coming up soon.

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