Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starting to come together

Created several quick sketch up of potential models. Most include some sort of mechanical legs that support a steam train-like vehicle. I'm leaning towards either number one or number five. I have also been looking up lots of reference photos especially real steam functioning vehicles such as trains, tanks, and cranes. I also have to look up a tutorial on importing and making a vehicle work in the Unreal Engine.
Below is a3D mock up of sketch one to compare to sketch five which I will be mocking up shortly.


  1. okay, so I already commented on this once but apparently it didn't post (at least It doesn't appear to have). So let me try and rewrite it.

    My favorites are the 1st and 6th. I like the proportions in them the most over the rest. I like the first one though since it seems the most "steam punk". I think if you could put some really nice detail work into it. Maybe make the tank engine part of it very ornate (very victorian) and the spider legs the more mechanical/ high tech part.

    Also, as for the wheels on the first one, do those actually function as wheels so that the spider legs can retract and not be used, or are they more functional like a gear for operating the legs?

  2. thanks for the input Denise. The wheels would be more functional used to disperse energy from one set of legs to the rest. There would like a fan belt connecting them. I'm drawing a few more detailed concept studies now and I think I'm going to make a the detail Victorian but battered looking. I'm going to go with concept 5 but am going to put the engine design from one on top of it.